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Loop is there for you when pain flares up or when it's most convenient to complete your daily treatment. Use at home and on-the-go. No need to schedule appointments or even leave the house.


The average patient spends over $5,000 per year on their persistent pain. The Loop prototype is completely free.


Pain doctors are outnumbered 27,000 to 1 in the US. Loop has partnered with doctors to make a breakthrough treatment available to the 1.5B people suffering from daily persistent pain.


Daily sessions are ready to stream 24/7. Success stories are posted to the feed throughout the day, keeping you in the right mindset. Programs are fun and engaging, helping you hit your goals.

We were all wrong about pain

Our understanding of pain has been turned on its head over the last decade. We used to think persistent pain developed after an injury because it never fully healed. A mountain of data and studies have concluded that pain will often persist years after an injury has completely healed. How is this possible?

Feedback Loops

It turns out, pain works the same way as Pavlov’s dogs’ response to a bell. Gradually the dogs' bodies "learned" that bell = food and their bodies would create physical symptoms when they heard a bell with no food at all.

  1. While an injury is still healing, the body can slowly “learn” that certain movements or situations = pain.
  2. After full recovery our body thinks it still needs to “protect” us by producing pain. Believing that we are still injured, and the worry that comes with it, perpetuates the body's protection mechanism.
  3. We get stuck in a feedback loop as pain itself creates more pain. For years or even decades.

Break the Loop

It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 persistent pain patients have no underlying tissue damage and are in pain because they are stuck in a painful feedback loop.

  1. Pills, shots, and surgery often make the feedback loop worse.
  2. It's common to experience full relief if we break the loop through a precise course of training and behavioral health coaching.
  3. A methodical explanation of where the pain is coming from has been shown to provide immediate relief up to 40% alone.

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